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Modulating Dampers Control Air Efficiently

A modulating damper is an air valve that regulates the flow of air through a duct. It can be set up to change position and affect air control throughout your home or office. An entire system of motorized dampers will eliminate any hot or cold spots in a building. Unlike simple dampers, a modulating damper is able to regulate airflow in any position between fully open and fully closed. This advantage will be the key factor to saving energy.

Taking advantage of a modulating damper's increased range in air flow results in more energy and cost efficiency than only having the options of a fully open or fully closed valve. A simple damper leaves your building at risk of zones that are too hot or cold. Allowing too much or not enough air to a given spot is not efficient.

An air-handling unit often utilizes a modulating damper in order to control an economizer cycle for free cooling. It changes air direction to maintain a preset temperature, obtaining optimum energy efficiency. With a control damper in place, the maximum and minimum position can be set to efficiently open or close the air valve.

A modulating damper is silent and provides sustained control. It requires a sophisticated control system in order to carry out its functions. When working together, the parts of a modulating damper aid in proper ventilation as well as cooling. The system is sophisticated, but the parts are simple and work cleanly to efficiently control air traffic.

The round damper is made of steel and constructed as a spiral pipe with a circular blade, which is the round piece of steel that blocks or allows air to flow through the damper. The modulating damper uses a motor to open or close the blade to a specific setting based on user adjustments. It can be fully open or fully closed, or anywhere between.

A modulating damper can be used for ventilation, fresh air intake, zone control or by-pass air. The motor uses three wires and attaches two lights to indicate the damper position. The green light signifies that the damper is open and the red light signifies a closed damper.

In addition to these features, a modulating damper's motor can be set to adjustable minimum and maximum position stops. This energy-saving design uses end switches to stop power to the motor when the motor reaches the end position. Controlling the airflow in your building is simple and will save you a lot of money.

By setting minimum and maximum position stops in a modulating damper, you can lengthen the motor life and conserve energy. The motorized damper has a long life span and is easy to replace, should the need arise.

Using a zoning system will eliminate hot and cold spots in your home or office. With the right system, you can comfortably save energy and money. It is easy and cost effective to implement the use of a system of modulating dampers within your air ducts.